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Drunk Driving in Arizona

There are many distractions on all roads across the United States, and Arizona is no different. We have a beautiful backdrop of red canyons and almost endless forests of cactus that are not only breathtaking but can be very distracting for those that are unfamiliar with our state. Arizona sees an influx of tourism; add this on top of local traffic and trucks transporting goods, and there is a high likelihood of accidents occurring. Many factors can lead to accidents, [...]

Are Drunk Drivers Always at Fault for an Accident?

Courts have little to no sympathy for drunk driving. In Arizona alone, alcohol-related crashes accounted for less than 4 percent of accidents in 2018, yet also made up 25 percent of fatal crashes. The high speeds and poor reaction times involved in impaired driving make drunk driving accidents more lethal than other crashes. Driving under the influence is an extremely dangerous and irresponsible act, and the law treats it as such. Simply put, drivers who receive a DUI are [...]