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2.26 Getting the Right Amount of Insurance For Your Vehicle

Filing a Truck Accident Claim

Truck accidents often result in serious, sometimes fatal, injuries for victims. When drivers of large tractor-trailers cause accidents, victims are left with exorbitant medical costs and critical injuries. But when you’re seeking to file a claim, it’s important to gather everything you need to win. And a driver’s trucking company may ultimately be to blame for these unfortunate wrecks Negligent truck companies may cut corners by hiring unqualified drivers and promoting inadequate vehicle maintenance. These negligent companies have a tendency [...]

Insurance Rates After an Accident

Whether it’s coping with long-term physical injuries or dealing with financial difficulties, victims are forced into difficult situations in order to pick up the pieces following an injurious car accident. Negotiating with insurance companies can arguably be the most difficult part of a serious car accident. However, it’s important to know how to negotiate with insurers in the aftermath of a crash. It’s also important to be aware of insurance rates after a crash. If you’ve sustained injuries in a car [...]

Hiring a Car Accident Attorney

Car accidents can leave victims feeling uneasy and overwhelmed. Most commonly, accidents occur suddenly and without warning. Drivers can find themselves easily distracted by loud passengers, cellphones, and GPS devices.  After an accident, victims are oftentimes unsure of what to do. Car crashes occur in varying degrees of seriousness so it is important to determine the right time to contact a personal injury attorney and discover how they can help.  Our legal team at ELG ACCIDENT ATTORNEYS can help answer difficult [...]