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2.20 Scottsdale, AZ - UPDATE: Ann Theil Killed in Fatal Bicycle Accident at Legacy Blvd & Scottsdale Rd

Less-Known Arizona Bicycle Laws to Learn About

Arizona cyclists are expected to familiarize themselves with their state’s bicycle laws before taking to the road. Many of these policies are self-evident, however, many others are less commonly discussed and may go unnoticed by cyclists across the state.  Taking a moment to familiarize yourself with these less-known bicycle laws is vital to ensuring you don’t accidentally break the law. State-Wide Bicycle Laws Beyond the policies we’ll discuss here, it’s important to remember that in Arizona, cyclists using the roadway are [...]

Can You Commit a Hit and Run as a Bicyclist?

Your Right to Compensation as an Arizona Bicyclist

If you’ve been in an accident as an Arizona bicyclist, you’re not alone—our state is one of the most dangerous states to bike in; in the wake of your collision, you’re likely to be asking many of the same questions your fellow bicyclists are wondering about, including that of whether or not you can receive compensation for your accident, and if so, how. Bicyclist Eligibility for Compensation Bicyclists in Arizona are treated much like any other motorist (while on roads or [...]

2.18 Scottsdale, AZ - One Killed, One Injured in Fatal Bicycle Accident on Legacy Blvd

The Most Common Bicycle Injuries After Arizona Accidents

Arizona’s warm climate and plentiful sun make bike riding very popular amongst visitors and residents. Bicycle riding is healthy and fun, but it doesn’t come without risks. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are more than 467,000 bicycle-related injuries that occur every year across the country. Injuries to bicyclists can occur through rider error, overexertion or negligent behavior by other parties. A common cause of bicycle accidents is when riders are hit by motor vehicles [...]