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preventing dog bites in arizona

Steps to Take When Approached by an Aggressive Dog

If an aggressive dog approaches you how would you respond? This scenario could happen. Close to 5 million people report dog bites every year according to data released from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC also says one-fifth of dog bites need to be treated by a medical professional. The most at-risk age group to be bitten are young children age five to nine. There are a variety of reasons why dogs bite, but ultimately if you [...]

Could Wearing Masks Make Dogs Bite?

Could Wearing Masks Make Dogs Bite?

Americans love their dogs so much so that there are close to 80 million canines living in homes across the nation. Not only are dogs beloved pets, often they are considered precious family members. With so many dogs living all over the country, the risk of suffering from a dog bite is present. There are approximately 4.7 million incidents of dog bites annually in the country and every year around 800,000 people who were bitten by a dog require [...]

How Do You Build a Strong Arizona Dog Bite Injury Claim

How Do You Build a Strong Arizona Dog Bite Injury Claim?

If you have been the victim of an Arizona dog bite then you are well aware of how terrifying the experience is. Being attacked by an animal is frightening and the injuries that those sharp teeth can inflict are excruciatingly painful. Not only is there physical pain associated with dog attacks, but the aftermath of one of these incidents can lead to long-term emotional damage, especially in children, who are one of the most vulnerable demographics for dog bites, [...]

Why Dogs Bite and How to Prevent It

Who is Responsible for a Fatal Dog Attack in Arizona?

There are a number of reasons why a dog attacks. Any dog can be provoked, startled, feel threatened, or scared and their response is to bite. Arizona dog bite accidents are traumatic to victims and they are very alarming to witness. Some of the dog breeds that are most prone to bite include:Pitbulls Rottweilers Staffordshire Bull Terrier German Shepherd BullmastiffIn Arizona, if a dog attacks you, the owner is responsible to pay for your damages. The aftermath of a dog attack can leave [...]

What Are the Long-term Implications of a Dog Bite

What are the Long-term Implications of a Dog Bite?

A dog attack is scary, traumatic, and physically damaging. If you are a victim of an attack by a dog you are likely not only suffering pain and need medical attention but you may also be afflicted with significant psychological harm. There are more than 78 million dogs living in homes across the United States. Close to five million bites will take place yearly in our country and over 800,000 individuals will need medical care as a result.  When you [...]

Why Do Dogs Bite

Why Do Dogs Bite People in Arizona?

Dogs are beloved pets across the country and there are approximately 78 million who reside in homes with their families in the United States. Each year, there are millions of bites that take place from dogs. Out of these millions of incidents, over 800,000 people will require medical treatment for their wounds. While not every dog is prone to bite, dogs are still animals which can be unpredictable. If you have been bitten by a dog, it is important [...]