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Common Injuries After a Motorcycle Accident

The Importance of Protective Gear on a Motorcycle

Arizona motorcycle helmet law says that all adult riders who are older than the age of 18 can choose whether or not to wear a helmet when they ride a motorcycle. Any passenger or rider who is younger than 18 will be required by law to wear a helmet. While there are many other forms of protective gear a rider can wear outside of a helmet, the motorcycle helmet law in Arizona says that if a motorcycle isn’t already [...]

Is Lane Splitting Legal in Arizona?

Lane splitting is defined by a motorcyclist who drives between two lanes of traffic that are going in the same direction. Motorcyclists will do this for many reasons but typically they bypass vehicles in slow traffic. They might also do this if they are in a rush and need to get to their next stop quickly. Rushing around and lane splitting can lead to serious injuries because most cars are not prepared to have a motorcycle slide in between [...]

Things to Be Aware of With Your Motorcycle Insurance

No matter what a motorcyclist uses their motorcycle for, they will need insurance to protect themselves, their passengers, and other people they share the road with. A study reported three-fourths of all motorcycle accidents involve passenger vehicles. These accidents can also be fatal as a total of 5,286 fatal motorcycle accidents occurred in 2016. You never know what accident could occur on the roadways of Arizona so make sure you are fully covered with the right insurance. There are [...]

Motorcycles and Drunk Drivers in Arizona

In 2018, the Arizona Department of Transportation recorded 2,738 motorcycle accidents. Due to their nature, motorcycle crashes statistically end in serious injuries or fatalities. This is why it is so crucial for drivers to be aware and alert on the roadways, and for motorcyclists to wear the proper protection and take caution when driving.  Although a majority of motorcycle accidents occur because drivers cannot see them, there are times when drunk drivers are operating vehicles when they shouldn’t be, and [...]