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Tips for Safe Driving on Arizona's Interstate 10

Tips for Safe Driving on Arizona’s Interstate 10

Traffic accident statistics show that Interstate 10 in Arizona is especially dangerous for travelers. For those that are driving throughout the state, it is almost unavoidable not to have to use Interstate 10 to get from one place to the next. There have been many calls for improvements to the road that will help increase safety. The improvements are coming, slowly, but until the roadway has all the safety enhancements in place, drivers must be particularly vigilant while they [...]

2.14 Phoenix, AZ - Car Crash Causing Injuries Reported on I-17 at 19th Ave

Arizona and Wrong-Way Drivers

The Federal Highway Administration reports that every year, there are upwards of 400 deaths from wrong-way driving accidents. When a car drives into oncoming traffic and collides with another vehicle, this is a wrong-way accident. There are several reasons why wrong-way accidents happen including:Intoxication Distracted driving Ramps not clearly marked Confusion on the road or unfamiliarity with the road Lack of visibility Insufficient signage Drowsy driving Drivers with mental health conditionsArizona wrong-way drivers cause immense danger to other drivers on the road who are traveling in [...]

Do You Have to Accept a Truck Accident Settlement?

Most Common Violations for Truck Drivers

Operation Safe Driver Week was held over the summer from July 12 through the 18th. Law enforcement officials reviewed many safety-related actions that drivers engaged in. They concluded that when it comes to trucking accidents, the driver is ground zero for safety. There is no doubt it, every car on the road should engage in safe driving practices, however, it is even more important that truck drivers exercise increased precautions while behind the wheel. When a large truck collides [...]

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What Does Arizona’s Move Over Law Say?

Many people across the nation are killed and seriously injured every single year after they have been hit by other automobiles while pulled over on the side of the road with a broken-down vehicle. There are many things that can cause your vehicle to malfunction including a blown-out tire, running out of gas, or overheating which is very common in the hot climate in Arizona. Drivers with their broken-down cars, tow truck drivers, police officers, highway workers, are all [...]

Why Dangerous Drivers Are Commonplace

Resources to Help Phoenix Drivers Travel Safely

When driving throughout the greater Phoenix region, it is likely you are going to experience traffic jams and congested traffic patterns at some point. Luckily, Phoenix doesn’t have the most crowded roads in the country, but in terms of roads in Arizona, Phoenix has increased traffic. Because people drive for more miles in the area and there is the potential for more cars and trucks on the roads, accidents happen much more frequently in Maricopa County than in any [...]

Do Criminal and Civil Juries Function the Same Way

Do Criminal and Civil Juries Function the Same Way?

When you think about going to court and that whole process, you are probably visualizing two parties the defendant and the plaintiff sitting in front of a judge and jury. Both civil suits and criminal suits can go to court and have their cases heard. While you may only think criminal cases have juries, civil cases can also have them. There are some differences in how criminal juries and civil juries function. When you have been in an Arizona injury [...]

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Why Comas are Catastrophic Injuries

Substantial force and impact that comes from car crashes, sports accidents, slip, and fall incidents are just a few examples of the ways that a person can suffer a coma. When the brain is injured, if the brain is starved of oxygen and nutrients, or if there is an infection a person can have a coma. A coma is a terrifying condition for a victim but it is also scary for a victim’s friends and family who have to [...]

What are the Different Levels of a Coma

What are the Different Levels of a Coma?

If your loved one was in an accident that left them unconscious and in a coma, you are most likely worried about how long they will be incapacitated and if they will ever come to. These concerns are understandable. Many studies and intensive research has gone into looking at comas and how they manifest in people as well as how people are affected after they come out of a coma. In the most severe cases, when a victim goes [...]

What is Implied Assumption of Risk

What is Implied Assumption of Risk?

When you sign off on a document that details the risks associated with a location or activity and you accept those risks this is called express assumption of risk. In certain situations, a victim of an Arizona injury accident can still sue for compensation despite signing one of these waivers. When you have been injured in an accident and you believe you are owed compensation, let the experienced Arizona personal injury attorneys at ELG examine your case and provide [...]

How Does Arizona Keep Cyclists Safe

How Does Arizona Keep Cyclists Safe?

If you were hit by a car riding your bike, it is very likely that you will sustain injuries. Like accidents between two cars, a bicyclist also has the right to pursue compensation for damages. While it is prudent to wear a helmet when you are riding your bicycle, there is no requirement to wear a one under Arizona bicycle helmet law. Various local governments throughout the state, though, have their own regulations with regard to bicycle helmet use. [...]