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Assessing The Compensation You Can Receive After a Truck Accident in Arizona

Unlike sedans, when a larger vehicle like a truck is involved in an accident, the resulting property damages and physical damages can be much more severe because of the weight, momentum of impact, and size of the vehicle. After an Arizona crash, insurance companies are going to do everything within their power to undermine the victim and reduce the amount of payment they put out. For this purpose, it is helpful for victims to understand the value of their claim [...]

The Differences Between Common Personal Injury Claims

How to Know If You Have a Valid Personal Injury Case

In the wake of an injury-causing accident, your first concerns should rightly be about your immediate safety and health. However, after that initial worry begins to fade, your mind will likely start to turn to financial compensation—will you be able to recover for your inevitable bills and suffering? The only surefire way to know whether or not you have a valid personal injury case is to talk to a personal injury attorney in Arizona, but beyond that, there are [...]