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What to Do If You See a Reckless or Impaired Truck Driver

What Types of Freight Do Trucks Tow?

Truck drivers are responsible for transporting 68% of all of the goods that move about in the United States. That makes trucks extremely important to our economy and our way of life. The trucking industry is one of the most important industries in the country.  When the COVID-19 pandemic took hold of our country, Americans across the nation relied on our truckers to continue to do their vital work to keep things going and ensure that we had access [...]

2.1 Yuma, AZ - UPDATE: Gerald Tams Killed in Pedestrian Accident at 500 W 8th St

How Many 18-Wheelers are on the Roads?

Large trucks are an integral part of the fabric that makes the United States function. They are crucial to the American economy as they are responsible for transporting billions of units of products all over the country annually. Because of this, the roads across the country have many trucks driving from one location to the next, which forces other drivers of smaller vehicles to have to learn how to safely share the roads. While semi-trucks don’t make up the majority [...]

The Importance of Safety Technology for 18-Wheelers

The Importance of Safety Technology for 18-Wheelers

Large semi-trucks are all over the roadways taking up space and driving along with all of the other types of vehicles. When you are a smaller passenger vehicle and you are traveling next to a large big rig, your safety is at increased risk. You could be hit by any type of vehicle on the road and sustain injuries or die from your injuries, but crashes with trucks often cause massive devastation. In most cases, a crash with a [...]

2.5 How Common Are Semi-Truck Accidents?

When to Speak to an Arizona Attorney after Large Truck Accident

Big rig truck accidents often have tragic outcomes for the smaller passenger vehicles that they collide with. There is no law that says that a victim of an Arizona truck accident must work with a lawyer to pursue an Arizona personal injury suit. However, working with an Arizona personal injury lawyer does give victims their best chance of obtaining the most compensation possible to help them pay for their damages. Sice truck accidents have the potential to result in [...]

17 Interesting Truck Industry Statistics

17 Interesting Truck Industry Statistics

Large trucks can make a driver feel overwhelmed and anxious to drive alongside. These massive vehicles can be upwards of 105 feet long when they are towing three trailers. These “triples” pose the most risk to all drivers on the road for accidents that are completely devastating. For this reason, triples that reach the maximum length of 105 feet are only allowed to traverse the roadways of 23 states in the nation. While triples are the extreme end of [...]

2.26 Phoenix, AZ - Injuries Reported in Multi-Vehicle Accident on I-17 at 7th St

What are Semi-Truck Weight Ratings?

Crashes that involve semi-trucks produce some of the most catastrophic outcomes when compared to crashes between smaller passenger vehicles. While pickup trucks, SUVs, and sedans have higher numbers on the roads than semi-trucks, there still are very many big rigs that travel the roads. It only takes one collision between a semi and a much smaller vehicle to lead to devastating and fatal outcomes, with the brunt of the damage being on the smaller vehicle. You may have noticed scattered [...]

Common Distractions in Arizona Truck Accidents

The Busiest Phoenix Traffic Patterns

Trucks traverse our roads and highways moving products back and forth from distribution centers to businesses that need them. They drive day and night to make their deadlines and meet their destinations. They are just one of the many vehicles that take up space on Phoenix roadways and contribute to the traffic our region experiences. You have undoubtedly heard about automobile accidents that involve large trucks, and as a result the movement of traffic near such accidents essentially comes [...]

Dealing with Hit-and-Run Truck Accidents in Arizona

Is Truck Driving a Dangerous Profession?

There are many professions that come with increased danger and a high rate of injuries and death for workers. When you think about these industries, the construction industry, law enforcement, firefighting, and the military are some of the most common that quickly come to mind. However, did you know that professional truck drivers are also at high risk for injuries and death on the job? It is true, only a handful of years ago in 2013, truck driving was [...]

11-2 How Much Liability Insurance Do Truckers Carry?

What Challenges Do Arizona Truck Drivers Face?

Being a professional truck driver is not an easy job by any means. To be a successful trucker who is safe on the road, you need the correct amount of training, a truck that is properly maintained, and a truck that is correctly loaded.  Just like a driver of a sedan or SUV, a truck driver must refrain from drinking and driving, get plenty of rest to stay alert, and avoid the temptation of distractions while behind the wheel. Large [...]

What Injuries Can Pregnant Women Suffer After an Arizona Truck Accident

What Injuries Can Pregnant Women Suffer After an Arizona Truck Accident?

Pregnant women have to change many of their behaviors and also adjust to becoming much more cautious about almost all aspects of life. To promote a healthy growing baby and keep that baby safe, a pregnant woman has more considerations to think about than when she is without a child. Everyone takes a risk when they hit the road because accidents are so prevalent in the country. Every year there are more than 6 million accidents reported around the [...]