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The Dangers of Poorly Loaded Truck Cargo

Tips to Drive Safely Near Big Rigs in Arizona

There is a major need for large trucks to traverse all the roads in our nation so that everyone in America can obtain the goods they need. Most businesses across the country need the services of truckers to ensure they can keep their shelves stocked for their customers. However, driving alongside an 18-wheeler can feel like a daunting task and even be a bit frightening. If a trucker is sleepy, or distracted, or if the truck is not loaded [...]

2.18 Mesa, AZ - Fatal Car Accident Reported on L-202 Red Mtn at Main St

Trucker Fatalities and Victims of Arizona Truck Accidents on the Rise

Being a truck driver as a profession is not easy. While some people enjoy the adventure of the road, others simply need gainful employment. There are many considerations that should be taken into account when you are determining if truck driving is a career path you want to go down. There is the loneliness that comes with the job, the time away from loved ones, rigorous schedules, and long days and nights only sitting and driving. In addition, there [...]

2.19 How Do You Determine Fault in Commercial Truck Accidents?

Understanding How Truck Defects Affect Accident Cases

Although rare, a not-insignificant amount (~10%) of truck accidents in Arizona are caused by defective components within the truck itself. These defects can crop up at any point from assembly to maintenance to the time of the crash, so it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact source of mechanical failures—difficult, yet not impossible. Understanding truck defects can help you resolve your Arizona truck accident case and secure fair compensation for the extensive financial and personal losses you’ve likely [...]

1.22 Steps to Take After an Out-of-State Truck Accident

The Dangers of High Winds for Truckers

Traffic accidents that involve large 18-wheeler trucks can prove catastrophic for victims. These massive vehicles move with immense momentum and can cause significant destruction when they collide with another object or with a much smaller car on the road. Driving an 18-wheeler requires specialty training and operating these trucks is much tricker than driving a car. There are many factors that can cause an Arizona 18-wheeler accident. Some of the factors that can lead to a crash are those [...]

How to Avoid Truck Accidents

Can You Obtain Punitive Damages After an Arizona Truck Accident?

When you have been in an Arizona car accident there is no doubt you have a ton of questions and concerns running through your head. When you or a loved one sustains serious injuries, the extent of your stress skyrockets. If you were hit by a large truck, there is a good chance that your injuries are significant. Their enormous size coupled with the immense force that occurs when a truck hits another object often makes the aftermath of [...]

Arizona Truck Accident Statistics

Arizona Truck Accident Statistics

The trucking industry is a vital part of a thriving United States, and in Arizona, it is also important to the state’s growth and economy. At any time of the day, you will see many commercial trucks driving on the roads throughout the state. While driving in Arizona offers you some of the most beautiful scenery, many of the state’s winding roads are very dangerous to traverse. With so many truckers on the roads and with the heightened difficulty [...]

Steps You Should Take After a Truck Accident

How Truck Accident Claim Values are Determined

Truck accidents involve immense claims due to the severe injuries and damages they involve. Truck accident claim values are best determined by an experienced truck accident attorney, but it can be good to know what to expect ahead of time. Note that Arizona’s statute of limitations is two years for truck accidents. After that time, your claim’s value will plummet to a flat zero, as you’ll be unable to file it in the first place. Evaluation of Damages in an [...]

All About Semi-Truck Crashes

Three Things to Know About Semi-Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are very dangerous and leave victims with a lot of questions and concerns. These accidents can lead to serious life-threatening injuries. Unfortunately, these accidents can leave injured victims with very costly medical bills and lost wages. This is a very confusing time for individuals because filing a legal claim on your own can be very difficult. The lawyers at ELG ACCIDENT ATTORNEYS, PLLC are here to help you during this stressful time. Listed below are three important [...]

What Causes Truck Accidents

Truck accidents occur daily on the streets of Arizona. Due to the size of these commercial trucks, these accidents often result in serious injuries. The Arizona Department of Transportation reported a total of 2,247 truck accidents throughout the state of Arizona in 2018. These accidents accounted for 66 deaths in 2017. These trucks weigh so much more than the average vehicle which is why the accidents tend to be catastrophic. There are many different causes of truck accidents. Listed [...]

How Mechanical Failures Influence Truck Accident Cases

Approximately ten percent of trucking accidents are caused by the truck itself, rather than by poor decisions made by truckers or other drivers. However, that doesn’t mean that those accidents weren’t preventable—on the contrary, the majority of mechanical failures in any vehicle, trucks included, can be avoided with proper maintenance and inspections. If you were caught in a truck accident caused by mechanical failure, the chances are that someone is at fault, though who’s to blame can vary. Mechanical Failure in [...]