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2.24 Peoria, AZ - Kevin Surratt Killed in Fatal Motorcycle Crash at Olive & 87th Aves

How Reasonable Riding Gear Affects Motorcycle Accidents

Distribution of fault is a complex affair in any accident, motorcycle crashes included. Even in the event that a collision itself was exclusively the fault of another motorist, you could still be held partially liable for certain damages and injuries. In a car, this could be due to failing to wear a seatbelt or a lack of maintenance, but in a motorcycle collision, protective gear is the core of the issue. Mandated vs Reasonable Riding Gear There’s a distinct difference between [...]

Arizona’s Motorcycle Helmet Laws and You

Arizona’s Motorcycle Helmet Laws and You

Motorcycle helmets save over 1,500 lives a year, yet could save hundreds more if every motorcyclist chose to wear a helmet. Every state has its own motorcycle helmet laws, so if you’re a biker in Arizona, take the time to familiarize yourself with your local policies and standards for protective equipment. Helmet and Protective Gear Requirements Arizona’s current motorcycle safety laws mandate helmet usage for motorcycle operators and passengers younger than 18 years old. However, even if it isn’t a legal [...]