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The Real Cost of Dog Bite Injuries in Phoenix

As loyal and loving as dogs are known to be with their owners, dogs are also animals. Dogs can be well-trained but still act on instinct. Sometimes, this can result in circumstances where “man’s best friend” can momentarily turn into a dangerous enemy. Dog bite attacks are most likely to happen at home, between the dog and its owners. While less likely, it’s still quite possible to be bitten by another person’s dog while visiting their home or even [...]

Child Bitten By a Dog in Phoenix

What To Do If Your Child Is Bitten By A Dog In Phoenix

Cases of Children Being Bitten By a Dog On The Rise The winter season is almost upon us, and with children being out of school for winter break, visiting friends, and out playing, the thought of being bitten by a dog is the last thing on any child’s mind. When school lets out, there will be certain dangers that they’re exposed to more so than when they’re in the classroom. And while it also may not be the first thing [...]