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12.3 Phoenix, AZ - Lex Currie Arrested After Car Crash Kills Two & Injures Two at 32nd St

The Five Most Common Crash-Related Injuries

Safety devices in cars have come a long way, yet are still far from being able to completely protect an occupant in the event of an Arizona auto accident; as such, it’s exceedingly common to end up with some type of injury after a crash. Always see a doctor after an accident, even if you feel fine. The necessity of seeing a medical professional really can’t be stressed enough; you might have asymptomatic or delayed-onset injuries, or might not [...]

Common Injuries from Auto Accidents

Car accidents can be very dangerous and cause injuries that range from minor bruises to serious life-threatening injuries. These injuries can be classified into two categories: impact injuries and penetrating injuries. An impact injury occurs when an individual’s body hits part of a car. A penetrating injury occurs when an object pushes into a victim’s body. The type of car accident that occurs has a big effect on what type of injuries a victim sustains. Examples of factors that [...]