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5 Steps to Take After Auto Accident Injuries

Being involved in an auto accident is a frightening experience, especially when an accident involves injuries. And unfortunately, injuries after an accident are common, with more than 36,000 injuries occurring as a result of auto accidents in Arizona in 2018. You may feel overwhelmed, emotional, and stressed after an auto accident. But it’s important to protect your rights and know what to do after sustaining auto accident injuries, from following protocol on the scene to filing a claim. If you’ve already [...]

Addressing Trauma After Car Accidents

Car accidents are chaotic and highly stressful events that often occur with no warning. Victims and their families affected by these crashes suffer unforeseen circumstances, including long-term physical problems, emotional trauma, and financial difficulties. Though it may be difficult, it’s important for victims and their families to address their trauma after car accidents. Contacting an attorney can help in the aftermath of serious accidents. If you’ve been injured in an auto accident in Arizona, call the Phoenix auto accident attorneys [...]