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Drunk Driving in Arizona

There are many distractions on all roads across the United States, and Arizona is no different. We have a beautiful backdrop of red canyons and almost endless forests of cactus that are not only breathtaking but can be very distracting for those that are unfamiliar with our state. Arizona sees an influx of tourism; add this on top of local traffic and trucks transporting goods, and there is a high likelihood of accidents occurring. Many factors can lead to accidents, [...]

2.11 Mesa, AZ - Officers Investigating Injury Car Accident on I-10 at Deck Park Tunnel

Drunk Driving in Arizona

In 2018, there were over 127,000 crashes in the state of Arizona. The Arizona Department of Transportation reported that of these crashes 961 crashes were fatal. There were 242 crashes that were alcohol-related which resulted in 261 deaths and 2,951 individuals were injured. Drunk driving is reckless, negligent, and irresponsible. It is well-known that drunk driving increases the risk of an accident. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration explains how deadly drunk driving is in the United States. Each [...]

Drunk Driving Accidents in Arizona

The United States has a serious drinking and driving problem. According to the Center for Disease Control, about one-third of traffic fatalities involve a drunk driver. Furthermore, 1.9 percent of individuals nationwide reported driving after drinking too much, while 1.7 percent of individuals living in the state Arizona reported driving after drinking too much. Drinking and driving is a large issue that can’t be brushed aside and forgotten about. Impaired drivers need to face the consequences of a DUI. Impaired [...]