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5 Steps to Take After Auto Accident Injuries

Being involved in an auto accident is a frightening experience, especially when an accident involves injuries. And unfortunately, injuries after an accident are common, with more than 36,000 injuries occurring as a result of auto accidents in Arizona in 2018. You may feel overwhelmed, emotional, and stressed after an auto accident. But it’s important to protect your rights and know what to do after sustaining auto accident injuries, from following protocol on the scene to filing a claim. If you’ve already [...]

2.24 Chandler, AZ - Injuries Reported in Multi-Vehicle Wreck on SR 347 at Riggs Rd

Do You Need Medical Attention Immediately After an Accident?

If you’ve just been in an auto accident, one of your first concerns likely is (and should be) whether or not you need immediate medical attention. If you’re at all concerned, you should seek medical help. Shock and the flow of adrenaline that accompanies traumatic events both suppress pain responses, so you might be seriously injured even if you feel clear-headed, painless, and generally fine.  If your accident was a low-speed, simple collision or “fender-bender,” you likely don’t need immediate [...]