Tag - Tips For Driving Safely At Night In Arizona

The Dangers of Driving When You’re Tired

Nearly two out of three people in America have driven drowsy at least once in their lives, compared to just one in five who’ve admitted to drunk driving. Additionally, more than a third of drivers have admitted to falling asleep at the wheel. Drinking is a choice, but exhaustion is inevitable—and just like liquor, drowsiness heavily impairs one’s ability to drive. Going without sleep for 21 hours is as dangerous as a BAC of 0.10 percent, and greatly increases [...]

The Dangers Of Driving In The Dark In Arizona

As the days get shorter, darkness ensues for longer nights during winter months. The sun goes down at approximately 5:30 p.m. which is prime time for traffic with the evening rush hour commute. Driving in the dark isn’t easy for many as visibility is diminished. Car lights can be blinding and it is not as easy to see other distractions on the road during the night as it is during the day.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports [...]