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Substantiating Evidence for Auto Accident Cases

How Witness Statements Can Benefit Auto Accident Cases

If you were injured in an auto accident cases and choose to pursue a personal injury case, you’ll have to have extensive data collected if you intend to fight for a fair settlement. One of the less universally perfect, but nonetheless extremely important, portions of the investigation process is that of gathering witness accounts. If you don’t do it immediately at the scene of the collision, you might miss out on this vital source of testimony.  Of course, you don’t [...]

Why Eyewitness Testimonies Aren’t Perfect

Eyewitnesses are commonly regarded as objective proof that a crime or car crash happened a certain way, and indeed, do hold serious weight in any investigation. However, these testimonies aren’t infallible and memories can be flawed even shortly after witnessing an event. Knowing what can influence an eyewitness account is essential, regardless of whether you’re a witness yourself, or if you were directly involved in a crash and have to contend with multiple people vouching for or against you. Memories [...]