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Should I Hire A Lawyer Following A Dog Bite Attack?

Dogs may have been dubbed as “man’s best friend,” but whether human or animal, friends can turn on each other. Approximately 1,000 people per day in the United States are injured badly enough by a dog to require medical attention. Many of those injuries result from dogs that are owned by the victim or who live in the same household as the pet. This doesn’t account for all of the injuries, though. There are still a great number of [...]

2.5 What is Dog Owner Liability in Arizona?

Who Pays for Dog Bite Victims’ Medical Bills?

Dog bites can leave victims with deep wounds and a long, expensive road to recovery ahead of them. As they receive treatment, dog bite victims are likely to wonder, “who’s  going to pay for all this?” The answer varies based on who’s liable for the dog bite, but if you’re unsure, one of our Arizona dog bite attorneys can help. Who’s Liable for a Dog Bite? Liability simply refers to an individual’s fault in a case and their responsibility to compensate [...]