4 Dangers for Arizona Teen Drivers to Avoid

4 Dangers for Arizona Teen Drivers to Avoid

For many teenagers, acquiring their driver’s license is a rite of passage. A license can be a symbol of independence, maturity, and responsibility. Symbols are just that, however; symbols. One of the cold, hard facts about driving is that car accidents are the number one killer of teenagers in the United States. Several factors contribute to this terrifying statistic, but here’s a brief look at four of them.

  • Inexperience – This is the biggest issue facing teen drivers throughout the United States. This is backed up by statistics that show how the risk for accidents decreases after teens have logged more than 1,000 miles of independent driving. There are some activities that people simply get better at the more they perform it, with driving being one of them. The more you drive, the more you’re exposed to situations, locations, and circumstances that you may have to react to. An experienced driver may be able to notice another driver’s erratic behavior more easily or might just simply know how to better handle themselves in the busy Phoenix rush hour traffic. There truly is no substitute for experience.
  • Friends As Passengers – When the phrase “distracted driving” is used, images of cell phones often come to mind. Passengers can be just as distracting, especially if they’re young and immature. The combination of an inexperienced teen driver and a teen passenger who lacks maturity is potentially dangerous. A passenger who’s yelling, messing with the driver, blaring music, or performing any number of other actions can be a massive distraction to the driver. Should you be the victim of an accident caused by this kind of behavior, you should contact an experienced Arizona auto accident lawyer as soon as possible.
  • Recklessness – While not all teenagers are prone to being a reckless driver, many of them are. Whether this is due to immaturity, peer pressure, or lack of forethought, the results can be equally devastating. Teen drivers are more likely to speed, follow too closely, fail to signal, or engage in many other activities that can cause accidents. Since these behaviors could indicate negligence in an automobile accident, it can also leave them liable for damages following a crash that they cause.
  • Cell Phones – With the proliferation of smartphones, texting, and social media, this isn’t entirely an issue specifically related to teens, but social pressure and friendships do tend to have a greater effect on teenagers. Teens have a higher tendency to use their cellphones while driving, with texting being one of the more dangerous activities to engage in. Arizona only recently put a law in place to ban texting while driving, but until the law comes into effect there’s still a lack of legal consequence for texting while driving unless it results in an accident. Distracted driving can affect every age group, but teenagers need to remember that chatting with their friends can wait until they’re done driving.

Involved In An Auto Accident With A Teenager? Contact A Lawyer

Again, not all teenagers engage in the aforementioned behaviors, but enough do to create disturbing fatality and injury statistics. If you find yourself in an accident resulting from the irresponsible actions of a young driver, contact ELG Law for a free consultation. If another party’s negligence was responsible for damages to you or your automobile, you may be entitled to compensation. Fight back against the actions of inexperienced drivers with our experienced attorneys. Call us at (623) 877-3600 for your consultation today!