5 Ways to Stay Safe on a Motorcycle

5 Ways to Stay Safe on a Motorcycle

With nearly 3,000 motorcycle accidents occurring across Arizona in 2017, it’s clear that motorcycle crashes are an unfortunate reality of life. And according to the Arizona Department of Transportation, motorcycle wrecks often result in serious injuries and occasionally, fatalities. In fact, motorcyclists can sustain more serious injuries and property damage than car and truck drivers due to the nature of the vehicle, so it’s important to stay safe on your bike.

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Always Wear a Helmet

Because crash fatalities from motorcycle accidents are on the rise, it’s vital to do everything you can to stay safe. One of the easiest ways to stay safe on your motorcycle is by always wearing your helmet. And ensure the helmet that you wear meets federal safety standards.

Stay Visible

When you’re on the road, stay as visible as you can to other drivers. Keep your motorcycle headlights on during the day, equip your bike with a windshield and reflective material, and always wear protective, reflective gear when you’re riding.

Utilize Proper Training

Riders who are properly trained to ride a motorcycle are less likely to be involved in serious motorcycle accidents. From caring to your motorcycle to hitting the road, it’s essential to be well-trained.

The best way to properly ride your motorcycle is to learn controlled, safe driving. Beginner motorcycle drivers can enroll in safety courses to learn the tools to be a defensive driver.

Ride Sober and Safe

It may seem intuitive but stay away from alcohol and other substances when you’re on your motorcycle. Alcohol and drugs affect judgment, response time, and inhibitions, which can cause reckless, risky driving.

And always ride safe. Stick to the speed limit when you’re riding your motorcycle and slow down when you’re approaching other vehicles. Stay out of other drivers’ blind spots and keep adequate space around your motorcycle at all times.

Contact a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Contact your motorcycle accident lawyer right away after an injury motorcycle accident. When you contact your accident lawyer as soon as possible, they can begin work on your case and provide helpful legal advice that makes the entire process smooth and stress-free. Additionally, your lawyer can work as your liaison with insurance companies, which allows you to recover from your motorcycle accident without hassle on your part.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Phoenix

Staying calm and protecting yourself after a motorcycle crash is vital. But you can prevent serious incidents on the road by following these steps and if you’ve been involved in a crash, contacting your attorney is the next step. If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle wreck, contact our Phoenix motorcycle crash attorneys at ELG Law. Call us at (623) 562-3838 today for a no-obligation free consultation and legal representation.