Accidents from Poorly Maintained Roads in Arizona

Accidents from Poorly Maintained Roads in Arizona

It seems like there is an unlimited number of ways that traffic accidents can happen, and traffic accidents occur often. There are more than six million car accidents that take place across the country every year and they not only inflict major harm and destruction on the population but they are extremely expensive and cost the country a tremendous amount of money. While more approximately 95% or more of accidents take place from driver error, there are still other ways that traffic collisions can happen.

If you have been in a car accident in Phoenix, you need the very best legal representation fighting on your behalf and for your best interests. The Spanish-speaking, bilingual Phoenix personal injury attorneys ELG are dedicated to providing victims of injury accidents the most effective and personalized legal counsel. ELG will fight for you when you were injured in an Arizona car accident so that you obtain the maximum amount of money in your settlement.

Do Poorly Maintained Roads Cause Accidents?

Accidents from Poorly Maintained Roads in ArizonaRoad maintenance is critically important because potholes, random debris, and uneven pavement, for example, are very dangerous to drivers. When these issues and other road maintenance problems exist, drivers may not necessarily expect them. They can come as a surprise and shock to a driver and as a result, the driver may quickly respond by maneuvering their vehicle to get around the road perils. In the process, the driver may cause an accident. There is a high potential that these issues can lead not just to a small fender bender but a multi-car pile-up.

The way that civil engineers design roads are to be able to be tough enough to hold up to the wear and tear of heavy vehicles and changing weather conditions. Even though road design is meant to be durable and tough, they still need maintenance to be safe for drivers. Sometimes, there the construction of the road is faulty and in other cases, design issues may be to blame for irregular roads. An unsuspecting motorist that encounters road defects is at risk of a car accident that can have major implications.

If you were in an Arizona car accident because of poor road conditions, you can file an Arizona personal injury claim for compensation. The city or the municipality could be held liable or even the state of Arizona may be responsible for paying for your damages. Depending on the details of your situation other entities involved in the construction, design, and maintenance of the road could be held accountable for your damages.

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An automobile accident in Phoenix that resulted from road defects can be legally complex because not only could civilian parties have liability but so could government entities. Filing a claim against multiple parties is complicated enough, but when it comes to filing against the government it becomes eleven more intricate and the rules are a bit different.

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