Are Commercial Truck Drivers Tested Enough For Drugs?

Are Commercial Truck Drivers Tested Enough For Drugs?

Driving a large commercial truck is not easy and requires extensive training, experience, and skill. Because truck drivers can inflict such major harm and damages on private automobiles and pedestrians in the event of an accident, a truck driver must not only meet the requirements in order to obtain their specialty license but they also must be extra cautious while operating their big rigs. The problem is that there are several instances where truck drivers where operating their massive commercial trucks inappropriately, unlawfully, and unsafely. As a result, so many catastrophic accidents that happen each year inflict significant bodily harm and pain from large truck accidents every year.

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Are there Many Truckers With Previous Drug Charges Still Driving Their Big Rigs?

Are Commercial Truck Drivers Tested Enough For DrugsAccording to the Governors Highway Safety Association, the traffic data in 2017 suggests that drugs were present in the bodies of  43% of drivers who were involved in deadly crashes. There are no statistics relating directly to large commercial truck accidents, but despite this, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration says that drug abuse is one of the top ten reasons why large commercial truck accidents happen.

Currently, under federal law, trucking companies must test their drivers. The following situations dictated when a commercial truck driver gets a drug test:

  • When a truck driver completes their training and receives their CDL, before they begin driving, they must pass a drug test.
  • Any crash where a commercial truck driver is involved whose aftermath includes injuries and deaths.
  • If a trucking company believes that a driver may be abusing drugs or alcohol they can randomly test.
  • If a driver hasn’t worked for a long period of time, they can be subject to a test before they go back on the road.
  • Trucking companies are within their rights to employ random drug tests at any time.

All of these instances listed above help reduce truck drivers that would pose the threat of driving while intoxicated, but they don’t eliminate the problem. Trucking companies must only test 25% of their truck drivers annually, so there are many situations where high-risk truck drivers continue to work without ever being tested for years on end.

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