Are Men or Women Better Drivers?

Are Men or Women Better Drivers?

It is the age-old argument, who is better at driving–men or women? Of course, if you ask a man he will say, “women,” and if you ask a woman she will say, “men.” Any driver that practices safe driving habits such as always being alert while behind the wheel, refraining from speeding, never driving drunk, and always staying alert will reduce their risk for accidents. Even when a driver is being responsible, they can still be hit by another negligent party. When that happens it is imperative to connect with an Arizona car accident attorney to learn about your legal options for obtaining compensation.

What Gender Wins for Most Safe Driver?

When you look at the statistics by gender men are more often involved in accidents. Men have higher incidences of driving under the influence, they tend to drive more aggressively, and they get traffic tickets at higher rates than women. Based on these trends, it would seem like men are the more unsafe drivers. There are actually many more licensed female drivers than men, but it must also be noted that men drive more on average than women. Men can drive up to 40% more than their female counterparts.

There is a reason that insurance companies put a higher price tag on young men. Men who are younger than 25 years of age tend to engage in riskier behavior in the car than females in the same age group, and as a result, they cause a large number of traffic accidents. Information taken from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that men are responsible for more than six million car accidents while women are behind just over four million. One study found that over his lifetime, a man may end up paying $15,000 more than a woman for his car insurance.

The NHTSA also says that when it comes to fatal accidents, the rate of death in men is much higher than women. Of all the fatal accidents, men make up 70% of the lives lost. While more men lose their lives from car accidents, when you compare crashes that have the same severity, a female who is involved is more likely to be injured or killed than a man. However, as we age the gap in the genders with regards to fatality risk decreases.

Even the National Sleep Foundation stacks the deck against male drivers. According to data from the NSF, men are more likely to drive when they are tired compared to women. Men are 56% more likely to drive when drowsy and they are 22% more inclined to actually fall asleep while driving.

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