Are Minors Liable For Accidents in Arizona?

Are Minors Liable For Accidents in Arizona?

Accidents happen all the time and no human no matter what age can be the cause of one. When you are injured by the reckless actions of a child, can you pursue compensation for your damages? The answer is yes. Determining liability and who will cover the expenses associated with the accident is not as clear-cut as it is when it is an adult who caused an accident. The skilled Arizona serious injury attorneys understand the considerations that come with personal injury claims against minors and how to obtain compensation for victims.

When is a Minor Liable for an Accident?

The same expectation of care when minors cause accidents that lead to injuries is not different than the expectation of care adults are held to. The standards expected from an adult, though, differ from that of minors. Cognitive abilities of minors are not considered the same as adults, as their immature brains and perceptions are different than an adult. For example, if you are to prove that a minor acted in a careless way, you must prove that they knew what they were doing and understood the risks associated with their behavior. Minors don’t understand actions and outcomes the way adults do. 

So, how can you recoup costs associated with your injuries if a minor cannot be held accountable for their actions? Under the law, minors are differentiated by age group. Young children, that are under the age of seven are not likely to be found liable for repercussions that occur from their actions. These young children have very little comprehension of how behaviors relate to consequences. While the child themselves aren’t going to face liability, that doesn’t mean parents are free of liability. If the parent or caregiver was negligent in their management of or care of the child which was a part of what caused the child to behave in a way that caused the accident, they can be held liable for it.

When a child is older than the age of seven, they have a better ability to understand how their actions can impact another party. Examples include a child is riding their bike down the street and they stop to grab a rock and throw it through the window of a neighbor’s house. Another would be children playing together, and one child gets a large stick and intentionally starts hitting another child causing injuries to that child, they can be held liable. Not only can the child be held to account for their actions, but their parents may also be held liable.

Older children’s actions are compared to what other children of the same age would reasonably know are careful actions. These children can be held liable for the damages they cause when they behave in a way that goes outside that accepted reasonable care. As children get closer to adulthood, they are virtually held to the same standards as adults. If a minor causes an Arizona car accident, they are going to have to accept the consequences of their actions just as an adult who did the same would.

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