Are You Liable When You Are Hit Driving in a Truck’s Blind Spot?

Are You Liable When You Are Hit Driving in a Truck’s Blind Spot?

You likely sustained serious harm if you were hit by a semi-trailer truck. A fully loaded large commercial truck can weigh up to 80,000 pounds and when you compare that to a regular passenger vehicle which at best can be as heavy as 4,000 pounds, the difference is striking. Like all vehicles, 18-wheelers have blind spots. Blind spots are areas of the road around a vehicle where a driver has limited visibility. With large trucks, the blind spots include:

  • 20 feet in front of the cab
  • 30 feet behind the trailer
  • One lane on the left 
  • Two lanes on the right

If you aren’t sure about where your location is with regards to a truck you are driving near, look up for the truck driver’s mirror. If you don’t see the mirror, you are likely in an area where the truck driver cannot see you. These regions where there a truck driver may have an obstructed view put you at increased risk for a collision with the truck.

What Happens When You Are Hit By a Large Truck in the Truck’s Blind Spot?

Are You Liable When You are Hit Driving in a Truck's Blind SpotUnderstanding how to safely drive around large trucks won’t eliminate your risk of an accident but this proactive behavior will greatly reduce the chances of being hit. When you are hit by a large truck in Arizona, you may have a case to file an Arizona personal injury claim. To learn about what your options are to recover compensation that will help you pay for all of your damages connect with an Arizona truck accident attorney. When you work with a Phoenix semi-trailer truck accident attorney that has specific experience with large truck accidents, you can have all of your questions answered as well as the professional guidance necessary to move forward with a suit.

When you proceed with filing an Arizona personal injury claim against a trucking company after an accident, expect that their insurance is going to fight hard to reduce the amount they have to pay you or try to find a reason not to pay you at all. The Arizona large truck accident attorneys at ELG know how the insurance companies operate and they also understand how to investigate your accident situation and gather all of the relevant information that will support your case.  

After an accident with a large truck where a car was traveling in the truck’s blind spot, the trucking company’s insurance carrier may try to argue that the passenger vehicle was at-fault. They will say that if the car wasn’t in the truck’s blind spot the accident wouldn’t have happened. A car driving responsibly on the road doesn’t assume liability for a crash simply because they were traveling in a blind spot. It is the truck driver’s duty to be attentive to their surroundings when they make lane changes and turns. If they hit a car in the process of engaging in these actions because they weren’t checking their blind spots, the truck driver can be held liable for the damages that result.

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