Assigning a Fair Cost to Pain and Suffering Damages

Assigning a Fair Cost to Pain and Suffering Damages

If you suffered injuries in an Arizona injury accident, you can file a personal injury claim in Phoenix against the liable party that caused your harm. When you work with the Arizona personal injury attorneys at ELG your case will be thoroughly examined. All the information will be gathered to build a detailed and comprehensive claim that provides you the best chance of receiving the most compensation. Depending on what happened in your accident situation, you may file for both economic and non-economic damages. 

Pain and suffering is an example of non-economic damages because they don’t come with tangible receipts that have solid numbers describing their cost. Pain and suffering vary greatly between Arizona personal injury cases because they are dependant on what happened in the incident and the impact they had on victims. Since these damages are so personal, they are subjective in nature.

How Do You Determine The Value of Pain and Suffering after an Arizona Injury Accident?

Assigning a Fair Cost To Pain and Suffering DamagesPain and suffering can encompass the physical discomfort you have to endure from your accident injuries. For example, if you broke your leg that physical harm alone can be included in pain and suffering damages. Additionally, the aches, soreness, and tenderness that you feel can be given a monetary amount based on the extent of their severity. If you sustained mental anguish like depression, or if you are unable to engage in the same activities like you used to be able to do before your accident these outcomes would be classified in the pain and suffering category.

Minor accidents that produce minimal negative outcomes can still have these damages compensated through inconvenience. More severe accidents will use pain and suffering as a means to detail the complete amount of impairment a victim had to endure. When looking at the general damages, or the damages that don’t have a concrete cost, a victim must still be compensated. It isn’t always easy figuring out the right value, but an experienced Phoenix personal injury attorney will be better positioned to calculate the most accurate cost. In doing so, it is essential for victims and the insurance company who pays the bill that the calculation is fair and true to the damages suffered.

Your attorney will look over all the documentation that you have regarding your injuries to figure out the value for your pain and suffering. Every bit of information and testimonial is necessary to support the final amount and to make the argument for the compensation requested. The more evidence the better to figure out the truest value for your pain and suffering damages.

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