Bicyclist Rights in Arizona

Bicyclist Rights in Arizona

Most of the state of Arizona, with the exception fo a couple of cities, allow bikes to ride in crosswalks and on sidewalks. This seems like something that easy enough to understand and well known by the public or law enforcement but the truth is there is actually more confusion over bicyclist rights than you may think. There are many occasions where a police officer will tell a bicyclist they are not supposed to be riding in a crosswalk, but this is simply not the case. 

What Is Arizona Law Regarding Bicyclists In Crosswalks?

According to the Arizona Supreme Court, bicyclists who are riding in either direction in a crosswalk have the same rights as pedestrians walking in crosswalks do. This is true because a crosswalk is not a roadway. However, some cities in our state have put into place ordinances that make the issue of lawful riding in a crosswalk confusing. Tempe has an ordinance that describes how anyone riding a bicycle, electric bicycle, or light motorized vehicle must operate when crossing the roadway. Whenever someone using one of these bikes crosses the street they must yield the right-of-way to all traffic on the road. So even though the state’s position is that crosswalks are not to be considered roadways, the city of Tempe indicates that bikers must yield to cars even in a crosswalk.

Riding on the sidewalk is another point of uncertainty for many. Riding on sidewalks is generally much safer for bicyclists who are less experienced or not confident in how to ride on the street with traffic. For the most part, riding on the sidewalk is permitted across the state. Again, certain cities have taken exception to this practice by imparting ordinances that regulate riding your bike on the sidewalk. 

Tempe will only permit riding on the sidewalks if the bicyclist is traveling in the same direction as the rest of the traffic. Tuscon, on the other hand, almost eliminates the ability to ride on the sidewalk completely. Unless there are signs posted that allows a bicyclist to ride their bikes, it is not permitted in the city of Tucson.

Have You Been In A Bicycle Accident And Injured In Arizona?

Bicyclist Rights In ArizonaIf you have been hit and injured while on your bike in Arizona, you have legal rights that you must protect. The rules of where you can ride your bike and how you can ride your bike are fairly straight forward unless you are in Tempe or Tucson where the regulations can be a bit quirky. Determining fault in your accident may be dependant on details such as where you were riding and how the accident happened. The experienced Phoenix bicycle accident injury attorneys at ELG can review your case and advise you on your options for pursuing compensation.

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