Blood Alcohol Levels and Driving

Blood Alcohol Levels and Driving

Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of .08 percent is the level of illegality that the government indicates is the point of complete impairment in adults. However, it doesn’t take drinking to this level in order to have issues behind the wheel. Driving after any amount of alcohol can cause a disparity between your ability to have absolute control and safety behind the wheel and be a danger on the road. Learn more about how each drink works in your body and how it manifests itself in your behavior, especially while driving. 

.02 BAC

Reduced judgment starts to kick in and your body begins to relax which starts to slightly diminish reaction time. Your body temperature increases and your mood begins to change. Your vision functionality begins to also change and you are starting to lose your ability to effectively multi-task.

.05 BAC

Everything from .02 becomes more magnified and the addition of other negative impacts begins. Inability to keep track of or observe moving objects, small muscle control is decreased, and the lack of inhibitions begins.

.08 BAC

Increase the intensity of all symptoms from .05 BAC with additional negative impacts. These include loss of short-term memory, concentration issues, no speed control, and slowed information processing time.

.10 BAC

No balance, inability to control the vehicle and keep in line with the lanes, slurred speech, and slowed time to brake.

.15 BAC

No balance, almost no muscle control, potential for uncontrolled vomiting, no ability to process auditory information, no attention span.

Small amounts of alcohol can impact one’s ability to respond appropriately even without driving. Adding it in while operating a motor vehicle and the situation becomes dangerous. As the drinks add up so does the level of BAC and as such the severity and strength of the side effects increase substantially. These side effects make one barley able to function let alone drive. 

Intoxicated driving accounts for a third of all fatal accidents annually costing the United States approximately $44 billion. The losses include but are not limited to:

  • Lost productivity at work
  • Workplace losses
  • Legal costs
  • Medical costs
  • Emergency medical services
  • Traffic build-ups
  • Property damages
  • Insurance fees/costs

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