Can an Arizona Traffic Accident Cause Eye Injuries?

Can an Arizona Traffic Accident Cause Eye Injuries?

There are so many injuries and conditions that can happen to a victim in the aftermath of an Arizona car accident. Not only are there the immediate injuries from the collision, but there are also related chronic conditions and wounds that may never be able to fully heal and will affect a victim’s life indefinitely. Should your head or face suffer impact during a crash, the health of your eyes and your ability to see can be affected.

Car accidents are one of the most common reasons for a victim’s head injuries. The eye can be physically damaged from the impact, or the ability to function properly may be reduced by its injuries or by trauma inflicted on the brain. A victim of head and face injuries from a Phoenix car accident may completely or partially lose their sight, suffer from blindness, and struggle with their vision. This happens quite often to victims of accidents where damage to the head was sustained, and while some vision issues can resolve with time, others will affect the victim for the rest of their life.

Victims that have been injured in a Phoenix motor vehicle accident deserve to be compensated for their losses. The Phoenix car accident attorneys at ELG only work on personal injury cases that help the victim’s in Arizona secure their full legal justice and obtain the most compensation possible.

How Can the Eye Be Injured After An Arizona Car Accident?

The following eye injuries can easily take place after your head is hit with massive force common in car accidents:

  • The tissue of the retina can be severed and this retinal detachment is very serious. This injury alone to the eye may result in blindness that will never be overcome and will change a victim’s life forever.
  • Vitreous hemorrhage is when the force of impact causes blood vessels in the eye to burst and that will result in bleeding in the eye.
  • A damaged optic nerve can have many consequences such as minimized visibility and vision, blindness, and could make a victim’s ability to see clear, detailed images impossible. Can an Arizona Traffic Accident Cause Eye Injuries?

As many as 40% of people who are diagnosed with traumatic brain injury will have some level of resulting vision problem. All vehicle accidents from the mildest to the most devastating have the ability to cause damage to the eyes. Damage to your vision may not be realized at first, as medical aid to the head or face will be taken care of right away. However, as you recover from even whiplash, you may notice that your vision has changed in a negative way. Whether you are unable to focus at certain distances or if your vision becomes cloudy it may very well be an underlying injury that was caused by your accident and head trauma. 

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It is critical to your well-being that you get medical treatment for an eye injury as soon as you realize you are having an issue. If you put off treatment, your condition could become much worse.

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