Can Arizona Photo Radar Cameras Issue Citations?

Can Arizona Photo Radar Cameras Issue Citations?

Many cities in Arizona including Scottsdale, El Mirage, Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, and Phoenix use photo radar cameras. These devices capture the information of any driver who runs a red light, is speeding, or engaging in other traffic violations. Arizona recognizes the information that these cameras collect as legal which means that if you were caught by a photo radar camera disobeying traffic law, you will be sent a citation for the infraction. 

What Happens When You Receive an Arizona Photo Radar Camera Citation?

Can Arizona Photo Radar Cameras Issue CitationsWhether you realized you were caught on one of these cameras or not, you are still going to receive that citation in the mail. Ignoring the citation is not a good idea. The citation is a legitimate document that you must respond to. If you refuse to respond to the ticket or you simply forget about it, you will be facing steeper penalties including additional fines and you may even lose your license.

Photo radar cameras catch many violations and the payments that local governments collect make for a lot of money. It may not seem like it is fair that an indiscriminate camera can take pictures of drivers and send out citations. However, the cameras are a reminder of following the rules of the road. Just like seeing a police officer monitoring an intersection, drivers tend to engage in more appropriate driving behavior when they know not doing so could result in penalties. 

Both police officers and photo radar cameras alert drivers to unsafe driving behaviors. Even though there are many locations where these cameras are mounted and where officers are watching traffic, the entirety of a city or town is not completely monitored at all times every day. This leaves room for drivers to engage in reckless driving practices which not only puts themselves and the occupants of their car in danger but also other pedestrians and cars on the road near them. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, driver error is behind the majority of car accidents.

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