Can Motorcycles Have Defects That Cause Accidents?

Can Motorcycles Have Defects That Cause Accidents?

Motorcycles, like any product, can have defects that will cause the bike to malfunction when in use. Motorcycle riding is already inherently dangerous. While there aren’t as many motorcycles on the roads as there are other vehicles, motorcyclist injuries and deaths from crashes are very high. In most motorcycle accidents, it is unlikely the rider will escape unscathed. 

With all these dangers already present in motorcycles, defects only add to the highly risky activity. Defective parts can lead to unnecessary accidents for riders. When this happens, severe injuries, if not death, are far too common.

Motorcycle Defects

Defects mostly occur in either the product design step or during production. Any portion of a motorcycle that doesn’t function properly means danger for the rider. Defects increase the likelihood of accidents for already accident-prone riders. A common result of a motorcycle accident is that the rider is thrown from their bike. This results in many times in severe head injuries, broken bones, and fatalities.

Even when a rider is engaging in all the safe riding practices possible, there is nothing that they can do to prevent a defective bike from putting them in an accident situation. 

Sometimes it isn’t a defect that causes the bike to malfunction, but poor design. When the ignition isn’t well placed that is a recipe for disaster. Ignitions sources that are very close to the fuel tank is going to cause disasters like fires or even explosions. Normally, this type of design would pass in a quality control setting, but people are flawed and sometimes serious mistakes are made.

Motorcycle Defects

While most motorcycles are well-built and well-designed, there are times when defects hit the market. Some of the most common defects you may see if you are an avid rider include:

  • Defective parts such as brake pads or turn signals
  • Faulty tires or faulty tire suspension
  • Handlebar imperfections
  • Fuel tank defects and positioning
  • Seat Failures

Have You Been Involved In A Motorcycle Accident As a Result of a Defect In Arizona?

Can Motorcycles Have Defects That Cause Accidents?If you or someone you know suffered injuries because of a defective motorcycle, they have rights that deserve to be protected. Because injuries in motorcycle accidents tend to be so severe, it is critically important that victims obtain the legal assistance of an experienced Arizona motorcycle accident attorney to help them recover the most amount of compensation. The reality is, these victims will miss work and lose out on their wages, have long recovery times, and experience intense emotional distress.

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