Can Returning to Work Devalue Your Arizona Personal Injury Claim?

Can Returning to Work Devalue Your Arizona Personal Injury Claim?

When you have been injured in an accident that was caused by the negligence of another party in the state of Arizona you have the right to sue for compensation to pay for all of your damages. Some of the damages you may sue for can include pain and suffering, current and future medical treatment, property damages, and missed wages from being unable to return to work right away. In some rare circumstances, a victim may also have the ability to sue for punitive damages if the details regarding how your accident took place were particularly egregious.

When your injuries keep you from work, it impacts your ability to earn a paycheck and make a living. As you wait for your Arizona personal injury claim to come to a conclusion with a settlement, the cost of your medical treatment will continue to mount. The added stress and pressure you feel to get back to work may be overwhelming as you have to deal with increasing costs without your income to help pay for them. Even if you are not up to it, you still may force yourself to return to work to help overcome the financial pressures you are facing. Doing so, though, has the potential to impact the value of your Arizona personal injury claim.

How Can You Return to Work Hurt Your Arizona Personal Injury Claim?

Can Returning to Work Devalue Your Arizona Personal Injury ClaimIf you are suing another party in Arizona for injury-related damages, and you have questions about how to do so effectively, call the Arizona personal injury attorneys at ELG. The Phoenix serious injury attorneys at ELG only work on Arizona personal injury cases and we have extensive experience and resources that allow us to provide the highest quality legal services to victims of injury accidents in the greater Pheonix region.

When it comes to returning to work, it is best advised to only do so once your doctor has signed off on it being safe. Returning to work too early may reduce your ability to effectively recover from your injuries and it can also cause your injuries to be aggravated and your symptoms worsen. Legally speaking, if you return to work too quickly without clearance from your doctor you are giving the insurance company a reason to argue that your injuries are not as severe as you claim they are. The insurance company is always going to try to find ways to devalue or deny your claim, and you don’t want to give them any extra ammunition.

Another consideration is that if you do in fact, cause your injuries to worsen by going back to work, the insurance company will try to get away with no longer paying for the medical treatment you need for the injuries. It is important to stay the course and stay in line with going to all of your doctors’ appointments, following the doctor’s orders, and abiding by any daily therapy and restrictions that are given to you. This will not only help you recover faster but it will also further validate the seriousness of your injuries as outlined in your Phoneix personal injury claim.

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