Can You Avoid an Arizona Car Accident?

Can You Avoid an Arizona Car Accident?

If you knew that you could drive without ever being involved in a car accident that would certainly give you more confidence behind the wheel. Truthfully, there is nothing you can do to completely eliminate the chances of traffic accidents, and any time you go out on the road you have some amount of risk for being in one. There are many things you can do as a defensive driver to reduce your risk of a crash. Considering driver error is the cause of 95% of all traffic accidents, minimizing errors can help. Operating your vehicle with reasonable care for the circumstances you are driving in will help you lower your risk of crashing into another car. 

What Are The Most Common Causes For Arizona Car Accidents?

Using reasonable care for your circumstances means that you are driving responsibly. Negligent drivers are those that are not exercising the appropriate driving behavior or caution. These drivers are more likely to cause a crash. Negligent behavior that increases the risk of an accident includes:

  • Not obeying traffic signals and signs
  • Driving too fast for the weather conditions or the traffic conditions
  • Driving at excessive speeds
  • Not using proper signals when turning or making lane changes

In addition to these negligent driving behaviors the following actions are also subject to the increased likelihood of crashes:

  1. Drunk driving limits your ability to effectively and safely control your vehicle. It slows your reaction time and inhibits your ability to make sound judgments. Not only is drunk driving highly associated with car accidents, but it is also unlawful. The results of an Arizona drunk driving accident could impact you financially, cause serious injury or death, lead to suspended or revoked license, impact your ability to work or contribute to you losing your job, and may even lead to jail time. Drunk driving is not worth the risk.
  2. Distracted driving is doing anything that takes your attention away from the road and your focus on controlling your vehicle. If you are not focused on driving and your environment you could easily miss a hazard or have reduced reaction time to something that happens unexpectedly. 
  3. Aggressive driving such as tailgating or weaving in and out of traffic speedily is dangerous for everyone. If you notice an aggressive driver on the road it is best advised to keep your distance from them or let them pass you. 

When you have been hit and injured in a car accident, if the driver that hit you failed to use reasonable care on the road they are responsible for your damages. Behaving in any of the ways listed above are all examples of failure to use reasonable care. You should contact the  Phoenix automobile accident injury attorneys at ELG.

Were You Injured In An Arizona Car Accident?

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