Can You Sue If You Weren’t Injured in an Arizona Car Accident?

Can You Sue If You Weren’t Injured in an Arizona Car Accident?

You hear about Arizona injury car accidents all the time that lead to a victim filing an Arizona personal injury lawsuit for damages. A common question amongst victims of car accidents in Phoenix is if an incident took place but no injuries were sustained can a claim still be filed. The answer is yes if there are measurable losses that took place as a result of the accident. When you have been in a car accident in Arizona, and you have legal questions about your rights, call the Arizona car accident attorneys at ELG. When you meet with the Spanish-speaking, bilingual Pheonix car accident attorneys at ELG, you will have your case examined and you will learn more about what your legal options are for recovering costs associated with your losses.

How Can You File a Suit for Damages In a Non-Injury Accident in Arizona?

Can You Sue If You Weren't Injured in an Arizona Car AccidentArizona law allows for victims of automobile accidents to sue for property damages. Even though there is no physical, bodily harm in your case, that doesn’t mean that you didn’t sustain personal trauma. Arizona law also allows victims of accidents to file suits that include not just property damages but also emotional distress that resulted from their accident experience. So if you were able to walk away from a bad accident without injuries, but your car is extensively damaged so much so that it is determined to be totaled, your claim can include the cost of a new car as well as paying for a rental vehicle.

Accidents are traumatic, there is no doubt about it and every person responds to these experiences differently. While some individuals may be able to easily overcome the initial shock and move on with their lives, others may not be able to shake off the event. Children, in particular, are highly susceptible to emotional scarring and trauma from car accidents. If the amount of emotional distress you or a loved one is dealing with after a car accident is affecting the ability to live life, stopping them from being able to work, or even preventing them from being able to manage social relationships and they have become very withdrawn, these negative impacts can be included in an Arizona personal injury claim.

Sometimes, mental pain is even more challenging to manage than physical pain. Mental trauma can last almost indefinitely if not treated and can impact a person’s quality of life for the worse. Arizona recognizes these truths about mental health and allows for compensation to be assigned to victims that suffer from emotional pain after they have been involved in an accident.

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Having a damaged car and suffering from mental anguish are compensable under the law in Arizona. The Phoenix personal injury attorneys at ELG can help you determine which damages are warranted for your Phoenix car accident suit and make sure you maximize the amount you get out of your Phoenix car accident settlement. Call ELG today to meet and discuss your accident experience at (623) 877-3600 during a free consultation.