Causes of Deadly Commercial Truck Rollover Accidents in Arizona

Causes of Deadly Commercial Truck Rollover Accidents in Arizona

You may have seen a large semi-truck rolled over on the highway blocking traffic and causing backups or, if not, you have heard about these incidents on the news. Large, commercial trucks have the potential to cause destruction in so many ways. One of the ways that a commercial truck can be a threat to others on the road is when it rolls over. Unlike smaller vehicles, bulky trucks are more prone to rolling over. 

What Factors Cause a Truck to Roll Over?

Causes of Deadly Commercial Truck Rollover AccidentsTrucks are all over the Arizona roads. Anyone that is driving on highways near trucks should use extra caution. If you are driving next to a commercial truck, making sure that you aren’t riding in the truck’s blind spots located on the sides of the truck, right in front of the truck, and right behind the truck is a proactive way to increase your safety. In some situations, it is impossible to drive in a location where it is most safe near a truck. Rollovers can happen, and when they do, they can cause a tremendous amount of crushing devastation.

Commercial trucks roll over frequently. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, rollover situations cause 48% of fatal commercial truck accidents. Rollovers are some of the most severe situations that can happen and they account for the majority of deaths from reported truck accidents. A couple of things can lead to a Phoenix commercial truck overturning such as:

  • The design of a truck is heavy, enormous in length and height, and because of this, they are not easy to operate. Drivers need specialized training to get their license and what they learn is that changes in direction need to be approached with forethought and care. A quick turn can easily result in the unwieldy trailer being thrown off balance and overturn. 
  • Improperly loaded trucks can increase the centrifugal force that is the reason for the tilt of the trailer in the opposite direction of a turn. This can destabilize a trailer and cause it to roll over.
  • Driving too fast can also lead to vulnerability in the trailer.
  • Sharp curves that are not designed for excessively large vehicles will lead to almost certain issues on the road.
  • Driver errors including fatigue and not being alert to the changes in the road, driving faster than is safe for the truck, driving too fast for road conditions, not breaking appropriately to accommodate changes in direction, or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol can all play a role in rollover incidents.
  • Novice drivers with little experience or poor training can have higher incidences of making bad decisions while behind the wheel.
  • Defective truck components.

Speak with an Arizona Commercial Truck Accident Attorney

Commercial truck accidents in Phoenix and across the country have been rising. Rollover accidents are responsible for taking the lives of numerous truck drivers and other motorists every year in addition to causing considerable physical bodily harm. The Yuma commercial truck accident attorneys at ELG understand how to thoroughly investigate Arizona commercial truck accidents and build comprehensive Arizona personal injury claims to account for losses victims suffer. Schedule your free consultation with ELG today by calling (623) 877-3600.