Common Injuries for Motorcyclists

Common Injuries for Motorcyclists

Coming out of summer and into fall makes this time of year extremely popular for motorcycle riders. Motorcyclists have to be cautious when they mount their steel horses because they are at increased risk for injuries that are severe and life-threatening. According to the Insurance Information Institute, in the year 2016, motorcyclists’ deaths showed to be significantly higher than that of passenger car occupants. Motorcyclists had 28 times higher likelihood to lose their lives. 

If you were riding on your motorcycle and you were injured in an accident that was not your fault, you need legal representation to ensure you obtain the highest amount of compensation for your personal injury claim. The Arizona personal injury lawyers at ELG will do the job for you and look out for your best interests. There are many injuries that a motorcyclist can suffer, listed below are the most common.

  • Head Injuries

Of all the organs in your body, the brain is one of the most vital to functioning. It is also the heaviest. It is subject to being smashed against the skull which can cause swelling and major damage. Comas, permanent brain damage, brain swelling, and craked skulls are all significant injuries that can occur during a motorcycle crash. Riders should always use a helmet to reduce some of the intensity of trauma to their heads. In 2016, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that over 1,800 lives were saved because of helmet use.

  • Road Rash

If you slide across the pavement either on your bike or after being thrown from your bike you can sheer off skin due to the immense friction between your body and the pavement. Depending on the speed and impact, your protective clothing may not be enough to protect your body as they can be torn through and off. Disfigurement, pain, nerve damage, and infections are all very real outcomes from road rash.

  • Muscle Damage

Accidents can yield deep wounds which may penetrate the musculature of your body. Additionally, the eardrum (a unique muscle) can easily be ruptured during a motorcycle accident. Wearing appropriately designed earplugs will help protect this delicate muscle.

  • Bikers Arm

The lack of structural protection around a bike makes many injuries much worse in an accident. It is the body’s natural reflex to extend one’s arm to reduce the impact of a fall and bikers often do this when they are thrown from their bikes. Not only can this break bones but it can result in nerve damages.

  • Leg Injuries

Broken legs, busted knees, and feet damages can all result from motorcycle accidents. These can lead to chronic pain, chronic stiffness, and permanent disabilities.

Finding Effective Arizona Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Common Injuries For Motorcyclists WolfgangThe reality for motorcyclists is that each time they hit the road it is a big risk. Even a tiny impact from another vehicle can have intense, and devastating results for these riders. It is important to wear all the protective gear necessary to add some amount of support to the body as well as observe safe driving practices and the rules of the road. When you are being a responsible rider and you are hit by another negligent driver you deserve to recoup the costs for your damages. The Arizona motorcycle accident attorneys at ELG can help.

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