Considerations for Arizona Motorcycle Riders

Considerations for Arizona Motorcycle Riders

Those who choose to ride a motorcycle do so because they enjoy the freedom and the exhilaration felt when they are out on the road. It is no secret that motorcycle riding is a very dangerous activity and motorcyclists know the risks all-too-well. A motorcyclist who gets into an Arizona motorcycle crash is 26 times more likely that they will die as a result than their car occupant counterparts. In Arizona, in 2018 there were over 127,000 crashes and 2,738 involved motorcyclists. Of the crashes that involved motorcycles, 159 were fatal crashes, and 2,162 were injury crashes.

What Dangers do Motorcyclists Face?

A motorcycle’s small size makes it more difficult for other motorists to see them on the road. Specifically, in situations where the weather diminishes visibility, it becomes extremely challenging to detect motorcyclists. Intersections are by far the most dangerous for crashes between motorcyclists and other cars accounting for 70% of accidents.

Proper maintenance can increase safety for motorcyclists just as it can for drivers of cars and trucks. If the front and rear tires are not properly aligned, this will cause the bike to be unbalanced and as a result, the motorcycle won’t be easy to control. Of course, sometimes issues with a motorcycle have nothing to do with the driver. There are plenty of examples where motorcycles have a defect or there was a problem when they were manufactured raising product liability issues.

It takes training and experience for motorcycle riders to be confident on the road and to hone their riding skills. Riding a motorcycle requires much more skill than driving a car, so motorcyclists are wise to be aware of their own limitations. Wearing protective gear won’t stop a crash from happening but it can reduce the risk of death when a crash occurs. Helmets are one of the most important pieces of protective gear that a rider can utilize. Arizona mandates that any rider under the age of 18 must wear a helmet. However, older drivers have the right to choose to wear one or not when they are riding their motorcycle. 

Do You Need an Arizona Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

Considerations for Arizona Motorcycle RidersArizona is a prime state for motorcycle riders due to our long-open roads, warm climate, and beautiful scenery. Because we have such an ideal environment for riders, we see our fair share of Phoenix motorcycle accidents. There are more than 160,000 registered motorcycles across the state of Arizona. Maricopa County has the highest number of injuries and fatalities in crashes in the state. 

The Phoenix motorcycle accident attorneys at ELG are here to help you when you have been injured in an accident on the roads of Arizona that was not your fault. Due to the intensity of injuries that motorcyclists endure after a crash, obtaining the most amount of compensation for those damages is an absolute must. The Arizona accident attorneys at ELG will fight on your behalf and will not give up until we come to an agreement that fair based on your damages.

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