Could Wearing Masks Make Dogs Bite?

Could Wearing Masks Make Dogs Bite?

Americans love their dogs so much so that there are close to 80 million canines living in homes across the nation. Not only are dogs beloved pets, often they are considered precious family members. With so many dogs living all over the country, the risk of suffering from a dog bite is present. There are approximately 4.7 million incidents of dog bites annually in the country and every year around 800,000 people who were bitten by a dog require medical care for their injuries.

Recently, many Arizona personal injury law firms are getting more calls regarding dog bite cases. There could be many factors that have lead to an increase, but one theory suggests that in the midst of the global pandemic, the prevalence of people everywhere wearing face masks could be part of the problem. Why would facemasks be an issue for dogs? Studies show that dogs use a person’s facial expressions as a way to understand a person’s temperament and emotional state. When a mask is covering the majority of the human face, dogs may have a much harder time deciphering a person’s mood. Further, with only the eyes being exposed, a dog may misinterpret their interaction with a person as the individual being unfriendly to the dog. In response, the dog will become fearful and when going into self-preservation mode engage in aggressive behaviors to defend themselves.

What Should You Do if You are Bitten by a Dog in Arizona?

Could Wearing Masks Make Dogs Bite?When you are bitten by a dog in Arizona, your injuries have the potential for severe health implications that go far beyond just the initial pain from the bite. Scarring, permanent disfigurement, emotional trauma, and infections can also result. Working with the Arizona dog bite attorneys at ELG is a sure way to protect your legal rights and secure the most compensation possible from your attack experience. 

There are many reasons why dogs bite. They could be defending their territory, they could be more hostile when they eat, they may become aggressive if they don’t feel well, and they can be very defensive when they feel threatened or are scared. When speaking with dog trainers, it is true that what we wear can affect the way a dog responds to us. For instance, masks, hoods, and bulky hats make it difficult for a dog to read and understand our body language. If they are unsure of a situation, they may respond in an offensive manner and bite. When a dog cannot see the mouth which can be smiling or snarling, they can be confused about how to read the situation and react violently.

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These days what we are all experiencing is extraordinary as far as how much everyday life has changed. In many parts of the country wearing a mask is required. Arizona dog owners should always keep a tight grip on their dog’s leash when they are outside or have their dogs secured behind a fence if they are outside without a leash. Pedestrians will do well to keep a bit of extra distance from unfamiliar dogs so that they reduce the risk of shocking a dog and potentially getting bit. 

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