Dangerous Road Hazard For Motorcyclists In Phoenix

Dangerous Road Hazard For Motorcyclists In Phoenix

Many motorists enjoy riding motorcycles due to the sense of freedom, excitement, and exhilaration that comes from cruising along with the wind in their faces. There’s also a lifestyle and culture that has surrounded motorcycles for decades, and popularity of that has been seen in films like Easy Rider (1969), all the way up to television series like Sons of Anarchy (2008-2014). But unlike the four-wheel vehicles that share the road with them, motorcycles have a unique set of dangers they can encounter that could damage the bike and more importantly, the rider. Over 5,000 people a year are killed in motorcycle accidents; a statistic that you don’t want to contribute to. Here are five dangerous road hazards that motorcyclists need to be aware of in Phoenix.

  • Road Tar – The Phoenix heat is nothing to take lightly. We’ve all seen temperatures climb up into the triple digits and felt the effects that can have on our bodies. Those high temperatures also have effects on the roads though and can cause tar in the asphalt to liquify and bubble up to the surface. If you hit this material on your bike, you can easily lose control.
  • Potholes – Potholes are bad enough for cars as they can easily damage your tires and/or your suspension. Hitting a pothole on your bike can be much worse, potentially causing your bike to flip or overturn, launching you from it. The higher the speed you’re driving at, the more likely it is for even a small pothole to cause a catastrophic accident.
  • Other Vehicles– Though they may not constitute an actual “road hazard,” sometimes other, larger vehicles can be the greatest hazard to a motorcyclist. A majority of the time an accident occurs between a motorcycle and a car or other non-motorcycle, the accident is the fault of the non-motorcyclist. The smaller size and greater mobility of bikes can cause other motorists not to notice them as easily as another car, can allow a bike to stay in a vehicle’s blind spot, or come out of one on short notice. If another driver’s negligence does cause you to have a motorcycle accident, you’ll want to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney.
  • Animals – The idea of hitting an animal with your vehicle is never a pleasant one to think about, no matter if it’s feral or domesticated. A large vehicle can strike a smaller animal like a turtle or rabbit, and keep on driving without incident; the same can not be said about a motorcycle. There’s also the possibility of a pet, such as a dog, not properly restrained, chasing after you, and causing an accident without you even hitting it. In cases like this, you also may want to speak with a Phoenix-area attorney, especially if the accident resulted in serious injury.
  • Assorted Debris – You could be driving for decades and still continue to see things in the middle of the road that you’ve never seen before. Everything, from pieces of trash to pieces of other vehicles, or even items from people’s yards, can wind up in your path. Make sure to pay attention to the road in front of you and if you do see a piece of debris, use your bike’s maneuverability to your advantage and avoid it. Even small debris can cause big problems.

Involved In An Accident? Consult An Attorney

Some accidents caused by road hazards are freak occurrences that no one can really plan for or avoid; others may come from the negligence of others, ranging from motorists to landowners. If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident in Phoenix, contact the ELG ACCIDENT ATTORNEYS, PLLC at 623-562-3838 for a free consultation. You might not be able to protect yourself from a road hazard that comes your way, but our lawyers may be able to help you financially recover from one.