Did the Number of Speeding Drivers Increase in 2020?

Did the Number of Speeding Drivers Increase in 2020?

Speeding is a leading cause of car accidents in Arizona all and all across the country. With the United States having more than six million accidents occurring every year, a good number of these incidents had a speed-related component. Even with more law enforcement on the roads and cameras mounted on poles and stoplights watching traffic, dangerous speeding still takes place. 

In 2020, the world fell prey to the COVID-19 virus which plagued people at home and abroad. As a result of the pandemic, across the globe, governments issued shutdown orders for the people. As a result, there were much fewer people out and about and driving on the roads. With fewer cars traveling about it would seem like the roads would be much safer. However, the opposite actually occurred. Speeding spiked during the pandemic with many drivers seeing the open roads as an invitation to drive fast.

What Are the Numbers for Speeding in 2020?

Has The Number of Speeding Drivers Increased in 2020According to the data, most people in the United States did not drive as much in 2020 as they did in 2019. Americans drove approximately 16% less in 2020 than the previous year. This makes sense due to the shutdowns that were put in place. For most people, the only time that they left their homes was when a  necessary action was needed like a doctor’s appointment or getting supplies at the store. Essential workers and those who could not work from home reported that work was the main reason for hitting the roads.

Since there were fewer cars on the road, it is believed that drivers felt more secure driving. As a result, they engaged in riskier driving behavior such as speeding. The research into the increase in speeding incidents showed that drivers who were traveling at excess speed increased by 12% from 2019 to 2020. The rate of speed that the majority of drivers engaged in was at least 80 miles per hour. 

Not only was speeding on the rise in 2020, but other reckless driving behaviors also increased.  The number of distracted drivers reported went up by 9%. All of the data from 2020 showed that when there are fewer cars on the road, drivers perceive less danger and respond by driving irresponsibly. While there may have not been as many cars traveling on roads in 2020 the risk for accidents was still just as prevalent as when traffic patterns are normal and even more. Because there was such a drastic increase in poor driving practices the number of accidents also rose. Accidents increased by about 10%. With these accidents also came injuries as seen by the data showing that emergency vehicles attending crash scenes were up by 8%.

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