Different Types of Lacerations After an Arizona Car Accident

Different Types of Lacerations After an Arizona Car Accident

Scars and permanent disfigurement after an Arizona car accident leave a lasting mark on the body of the traumatic experience you endured. If your scars are significant and located in a visible part of your body, such as your face you are likely feeling less confident, more insecure, and depressed about your situation. Cuts, bruises, broken bones are all common after an Arizona car accident. Very deep wounds may require surgery, staples, or stitches to help them heal. Even with medical treatment, the impression they leave on the body could be very visible and permanent. 

If you have been hit and injured by another party in an Arizona car accident, you deserve compensation. If you sustained permanent disfigurement in any way, you may be wondering how much compensation you are eligible to receive. The Arizona car accident attorneys at ELG can review your case and answer your questions.

What are the Different Types of Lacerations?

It is very common to sustain cuts after a car accident. There are different types of lacerations that are possible including:

  • Splits are crushing wounds where the skin is compressed and the pressure tears the flesh.
  • A stretch is when there is pressure put on the skin at an angle and the skin is pulled open.
  • A grinding compression occurs when an object sweeps back and forth over the skin and shreds it.
  • Cuts take place when sharp objects penetrate the skin and open it.
  • Tears can occur when an object pulls apart the skin.

The length of time it will take for a laceration to heal is largely dependant on how deep it is. For very severe skin tears, a victim could be looking at years for the wound to get better. In general, most wounds should complete the healing process in approximately 3 months time. The freshly regenerated skin will not be as strong as the original layer. The new skin that heals over a wound will have about 80% of the strength of the original skin.

The emotional trauma that results when a victim has a scar can be overwhelming. The anxiety and mental pain that a victim may endure could result in causing them to be unable to engage in normal daily life and activities. They may shy away from social situations, stop engaging with friends and family and even have a hard time going to work.

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