Distracted Driving With Kids

Distracted Driving With Kids

Driving with kids in the car can be very distracting. It takes a great deal of patience for parents to handle arguing or complaining in the backseat. Often, parents don’t think of these situations as a dangerous distraction, but research suggests otherwise and that parents need to find different ways to handle interruptions while driving.

Forms of Distractions

According to a recent study from the Monash University Accident Research Center, driving with children is 12 times more dangerous than a driver talking on the phone. The most frequent forms of distractions while kids are in the car include:

  • Parents turning around to interact with their kids.
  • Looking at their kids in the rearview mirror.
  • Reaching in the backseat to give their kids something.
  • Engaging in conversation with their kids.

Tips on How to Drive Safer With Kids

Driving with kids in the car is unavoidable and a part of everyday life for a majority of families. There are ways to lower distractions and create a safer driving environment when kids are in the car. The following tips will help to create a safer driving environment.

Prepare beforehand– Before you start to drive, put all necessary items within reach of the driver’s seat. Give your children books and toys to entertain themselves with during the car ride. Also, have snacks easily accessible if they become hungry and can’t wait until you stop the car. Being prepared with these items in place will help to lower distractions while driving on roadways.

Pullover to the side- You can’t always plan for all of the needs of your children so don’t hesitate to just pull over. It is important to pull the car over in a safe place such as rest stops or parking lots rather than the side of a highway or busy roadway. Once you have stopped the car, you can direct all of your attention to your child to help them without having the distraction of driving as well. 

Focus on the road- Multitasking is very difficult while operating a vehicle and it is never a good idea. Any tasks that are unrelated to driving should and can wait. Deal with those tasks once you have reached your destination and stopped the car. Remind yourself of the importance of arriving safely.

They can wait- At the end of the day, if you can’t give your child what they need, they can wait. They might throw a tantrum and cry but that is better than an auto accident. The most important thing is that you arrive at your destination without an accident occurring.

Finding An Arizona Automobile Accident AttorneyDangers of Distracted Driving and Young Children in the Car

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