Do Commercial Truck Drivers Get to Keep Their Jobs After a Drug Charge?

Do Commercial Truck Drivers Get to Keep Their Jobs After a Drug Charge?

When a truck driver is pulled over for driving while intoxicated on drugs or has any other drug-related charges assigned to them, it doesn’t happen often that incident makes it’s way back to the trucking company they work for. The reason why a trucking company will not often obtain this critical information comes down quite simply, to poor communication. Because of this, there are many truck drivers who have been charged with a drug-related crime that continue to drive on the roads throughout the United States.

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How Prevalent is the Problem of Inebriated Large Truck Drivers?

Do Commercial Truck Drivers Get to Keep their Jobs After a Drug ChargeBecause the communication stream is not ideal, there are several instances when a trucking company will be completely unaware that they have high-risk truck drivers. For trucking companies to know that their drivers were implicated for drug use, it really comes down to the truck driver telling their employer that they were arrested and charged with a drug crime and accepting the consequences. You can understand why that doesn’t happen often. Relying on self-reporting as a way to ensure that 18-wheeler truck drivers are held accountable and taken off of the roads to keep roads safer is not a method that will work.

There are several cases reported each year where a devastating accident between a large commercial truck and other private vehicles happen which didn’t have to happen. The drivers in these situations were inebriated on drugs and it wasn’t the first time they operated their big rig while intoxicated. They had a history of incidents where they were pulled over and charged but the information never got back to their employer and so they were continually let out to make deliveries.

States must communicate with each other so that it is known which drivers are putting the public at the most risk. If states don’t communicate a high-risk truck driver may never have any violations show up on their license and never have to worry about their employer knowing about their reckless behavior. This keeps truck drivers virtually free to continue to negligently and irresponsibly operate their trucks while putting other drivers and pedestrians in great jeopardy.

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