Do I Have to Pay for a Rental Car After My Accident?

Do I Have to Pay for a Rental Car After My Accident?

There are some parts of the country where having a personal automobile isn’t essential to daily travel. There are far many other areas where it is absolutely necessary. An Arizona car accident can not only leave you injured, but it can also destroy your car’s ability to operate. When this happens, you are left without a mode of transportation to help you commute to work, run errands, or take the kids to school. Regardless of if you use your car daily or once in a while, if a negligent party hit you and caused your car significant damages that put it in the shop for days or longer you will need another way to get around. 

Rental cars are often the go-to choice, but they don’t come cheap. They can cost you hundreds of dollars depending on how long your car is in the shop. It shouldn’t fall on you to shoulder these expenses when you didn’t cause the accident to happen. After an Arizona car accident, it is important that your legal rights are protected and you deserve to receive compensation for the injuries you suffer and the property damages you sustained. To ensure that you get a fair settlement including a rental car that is paid for by the negligent party, contact the Arizona automobile accident attorneys at ELG to examine your case and fight for your legal justice.

What are the Arizona Car Insurance Laws?

Arizona is an at-fault state meaning that the individual that caused the accident will be responsible for paying for the resulting harm they brought on you including covering the costs of your rental car. Typically, the payment you receive and the coordination with a rental car company comes from the defendant’s insurance provider. 

You can only mount a strong suit to obtain your compensation and rental car if you can prove that the other party was responsible for your accident. You can do this through the use of the police report where the responding officer will generally cite who he/she believes is at-fault, through an insurance company investigation of the accident, and with the help of a Phoenix serious injury attorney who can do an independent investigation. 

It is important to never admit that you assume any fault for an Arizona car accident. Even when you are certain that you own some of the blame, do not admit to anything. The investigation is responsible for designating who is at-fault, admitting anything could jeopardize your case. If the other party in the accident is deemed to be at-fault, you will contact their insurance provider and file an Arizona car accident claim. If your car needs repairs, they are responsible for working with you and a rental car company to get your temporary transportation.

Why is it so Important to Have Legal Representation after an Arizona Car Accident?

Do I Have to Pay for a Rental Car After My AccidentYour attorney will help guide you on how to answer the questions that the defendant’s insurance company will ask. They will give you tips like to keep your answers short or not to provide them with a recorded statement. Insurances companies are only trying to find the best way to get information out of you or admissions from you that will hurt your claim. They do this so that they can get away with paying you less or to pay you nothing at all. Your lawyer knows these tricks and they will protect you and help you to not fall for any of the sneaky tactics that could render you a lower compensation amount than you deserve. 

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