Do Insurance Companies Deceive Victims?

Do Insurance Companies Deceive Victims?

Victims need to know their rights after an accident and it is common practice for insurance companies to mislead folks regarding their compensation amount, the information required of them, and a host of other things. Insurance companies employ many deceitful tactics to reduce or eliminate compensation. The best thing a victim of an accident can do to protect their rights and ensure the strength of their claim is to speak with a Phoenix car accident attorney immediately after having seen medical attention for their injuries.

You Can’t Reject Offers

Insurance adjusters will try to scare you by telling you that if you reject their initial offer there won’t be another and you will lose out on your much-needed compensation. The first offer will be much less than what the claim is worth and insurance companies are going to try to get off the hook with settling for as little as possible. If you are told you cannot reject an offer, this is untrue because it is highly common to have negotiations with multiple offers and counteroffers throughout a claim and before settlement.

You Are Required To Give A Recorded Statement

Insurance companies want to get you on record as soon as possible under the guise that this will help get you to your settlement sooner. The reality is, that they are just looking to find a way to minimize your claim, discredit you, or find a way to have you take the blame for the accident. A Phoenix serious injury attorney at ELG can advise you on what questions to answer and when to stay mum. Most of the time it is recommended not to provide a recorded statement until your legal representation has counseled you on when to talk and what to say.

They Are Trying To Help You

They will try to befriend you and gain your trust by telling you that they care about your best interests and want you to obtain the highest amount of compensation. The exact opposite is true and these companies are only looking to minimize and eliminate compensation where possible. 

Minimizing Your Injuries

You may be told that you weren’t injured severely enough to warrant compensation in the hope of scaring you off from even trying for it. The reality is many injuries, even those that may be considered minor come with negative life outcomes such as pain and suffering, missed work, medical expenses, and even physical disfigurement.

Not To Work With A Lawyer

Do Insurance Companies Deceive Victims?Insurance companies will argue against obtaining legal representation telling you that a lawyer will cost too much and that you won’t end up with much of a settlement after a claim is finished because of it. At ELG, we work on contingency. This means we won’t take a penny unless we win your case for you. We will fight hard so that you see the highest amount of compensation possible for your claim. In most cases, those that have a lawyer represent their best interests will receive significantly higher amounts of compensation than those that accept a settlement from an insurance company without a lawyer’s help.

When you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault, don’t fall for the insurance company’s tricks. The attorneys at ELG are here to help you and guide you through the process so that you have the most successful outcome possible. Call us today at 623-562-3838 to set up a free consultation at either our Phoenix or Mesa personal injury law offices.