Do Less Crowded Roads Mean Fewer Accidents?

Do Less Crowded Roads Mean Fewer Accidents?

The number of drivers on the roads decreased by 16% in 2020 as a result of the repercussions of the pandemic. Even though there was a significant reduction in drivers, the number of accidents still increased. It is kind of odd to think that if there are fewer cars on the road that there would be more car accidents. It may seem like it doesn’t make sense, but the data from 2020 shows that there was an uptick in accidents during the chaos of the unprecedented times that took hold last year.

Despite the decrease in drivers in 2020, accidents were more common than in 2019 when we weren’t even thinking about a pandemic affecting our entire lives and the world. Regardless of the reason why an accident happens, if a negligent party hits you, you are entitled under Arizona injury laws to pursue compensation for your damages. The Arizona personal injury attorneys at ELG understand the toll that Arizona traffic accidents have on victims and they also know that it is vitally important for victims to obtain the most compensation possible via an Arizona personal injury claim.

Why Were There More Traffic Accidents in 2020 than in 2019?

Do Less Crowded Roads Mean Fewer AccidentsOne theory as to why there was an increase in accidents in 2020 versus what was reported in 2019 was that even though there were fewer cars on the road, drivers were more emboldened to drive recklessly because they believed that with an absence of traffic they were much safer. Technically, this could be true, but not when drivers then use this sense of security to drive carelessly and irresponsibly. It doesn’t matter how many cars are on the road, reckless and unsafe driving practices are a danger not just to the driver and the other people that are in their car but also a hazard to everyone else around them.

Then there is also the chronic frustration and anxiety of the times that could have also lead drivers to become more frazzled and belligerent while driving. When one feels distressed many times, their actions reflect those unsettled emotions. This can happen with one’s actions while driving.

The two major issues that were seen behind the increase in accidents in 2020 were direct results of driver mistakes. While speeding and distracted driving are known causes of traffic accidents, many drivers still allow themselves to have their attention diverted from the task of operating their vehicle. Likewise, many will still violate or ignore the posted speed limits. This was true for 2020 and it was driving at fast speeds and distraction that both played major roles in the rise in accidents for the year. Speeding incidents were up by 12% from those reported in 2019. Also, distracted driving incidents increased by 9%.

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