Do People Drive More Safely After a Crash?

Do People Drive More Safely After a Crash?

It would seem intuitive that if an individual is in a crash, especially if they were the cause of the accident, the shock would be like a wake-up call to change their driving behavior. For some drivers, this may be the case. However, according to research done by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, the opposite is true. The study looked at drivers who were in at least one crash in the past two years. What they found is that these drivers knew what unsafe driving practices are and they agreed that certain driving behaviors were bad, however, they still admitted to doing them often. Those in the study that had been in a crash within the past two years were more likely to continue with unsafe driving practices. Speeding and texting were among the most common unsafe driving behaviors that these drivers would engage in.

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What High-Risk Driving Behaviors did Drivers Participate in?

Do People Drive More Safely after a CrashThe study’s participants believed that behaviors like aggressive driving, impaired driving, and distracted driving were all very dangerous. Yet, a significant portion of these individuals said that they did at least one of these things as recently as the past 30 days. For the individuals who were in a crash in the past two years,  the numbers were through the roof for those who admitted to engaging in a dangerous driving practice in the past 30 days.

  • 50% said that they talked on a handheld device
  • 43% said they texted while they were driving
  • 39% said they ran at least one red light

The potential crashes that the participants were in were not severe enough to make them change their behavior. However, any Phoenix traffic accident is distressing and if you are involved in a simple fender bender, consider yourself lucky to walk away unscathed. In 2019 there were 911 fatal Arizona car accidents. That year, there were 36,926 injury crashes. The total economic cost to Arizona from motor vehicle crashes is over $18 billion annually. Medical costs, loss of productivity at the workplace, property damages, etc. all add up pretty fast. Victims who are affected by a careless driver that causes an injury accident deserves to obtain compensation and the Phoenix serious injury attorneys at ELG will fight hard so that happens.

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