Do You Need a Rental Car After an Arizona Car Accident?

Do You Need a Rental Car After an Arizona Car Accident?

After you have been hit in an Arizona car accident, you are undoubtedly shaken up and hopefully, you aren’t injured. If your car took a beating in the crash and sustained major damages, your car may have to spend some time in the repair shop for repairs before you are going to be able to drive it again. Getting the repairs done is one thing, but while your car is out-of-service, what are you supposed to do to get around? How will you get the kids to their schools and to activities? How will you get to work? 

Renting a car is out of the question because the cost to do so will be very high. Are you on the hook for paying to obtain a rental car or is it the responsibility of the insurance company of the party that hit you to pay? This is a common question that victims of Arizona car accidents have and rightfully so. Speaking with an Arizona automobile accident attorney is a good way to get all of your questions answered. Here are some of the ways that you can obtain coverage for a rental car.

Who Pays for Your Rental Car after an Arizona Car Accident?

Your Insurance Company

Even if you were the cause of the crash, that doesn’t mean you are out-of-luck when it comes to obtaining financial help with a car rental. Your own Arizona insurance policy may be able to shoulder the costs. If your policy includes rental vehicle reimbursement coverage, which is an optional add-on, and something definitely to consider, you are all set. It is fairly affordable only adding a couple of dollars per month to your total bill. Take a look at your policy or call an agent to determine if you have this coverage. 

Additionally, if your car is stolen or vandalized, or if during a severe weather event majorly damaged this coverage can help. What it does not cover is the cost of a car while on a vacation or if your car is going in for a routine appointment. The coverage can be a life-saver, but many times there are limits to how high the limits are so just make sure you know the terms of your coverage so you can rent a car that falls within the covered price range.

The Liable Party’s Insurance Company

You should always exchange information with the other driver when you are in an Arizona automobile accident. Make sure to get their insurance information because their insurance should pay for your rental car costs. The insurance company will go over the coverage and the type of rental you can pick. Generally, you are able to get a vehicle similar to the one that you were driving when the accident happened.

Get the Legal Representation You Need From an Arizona Automobile Accident Injury Attorney

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