Do You Need Liability Insurance to Drive in Arizona?

Do You Need Liability Insurance to Drive in Arizona?

If you drive a car in the state of Arizona, you must have insurance. Arizona liability insurance minimums are mandatory and are the lowest amount of insurance you must have to drive. Additionally, it is necessary to have proof of your insurance in your vehicle with you at all times. This can be paperwork kept in the glove compartment or even proof of insurance displayed on your phone. If you show an officer your insurance on your wireless communication device, please know that this by no means allows that officer to look through your device or access any other files.

If you are pulled over in Arizona and you don’t have access to proof of insurance on-hand, you will most likely be ticketed. Getting tickets is no fun, but there is hope. If you had insurance but you just didn’t have it on you, you can get your insurance information and show it to the court. This will result in a dismissal of penalties. If you did not have insurance, you are going to pay. Driving without insurance in Arizona is not a criminal offense but it is a very pricey civil violation.

What Are The Penalties For Driving In Arizona Without Insurance?

If you have been pulled over and cited for driving without insurance for the first time, you will have your license, registration, and license plates suspended. The suspension will last three months and you will also have to pay approximately $940. Second-time offenders face increased penalties. If you are caught a second time without insurance the suspension of your plates, license, and registration will last for six months. The fine will be close to $1,400. Third-time offenders face suspension of their driving documentation for one year and come with a fine of $1,860.

Third-time offenders must prove that they have insurance when they retrieve their license, registration, and plates. That is not all that happens for third-time offenders. These individuals must call their insurance providers and obtain an SR22 certificate. This special documentation tells the court that you are currently insured and that you will also retain your insurance coverage for a specific amount of time. 

It is simply too risky and expensive to not drive with insurance. The costs and repercussions of driving without insurance in Arizona are steep. If you think you cannot pay the insurance premiums, you are likely to have significant difficulty paying the fines associated with the violation. Additionally, with all of your driving rights and documentation suspended, this could impact your ability to go to work which also makes for a considerable financial blow. 

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