Drowning Accidents Affect Everyone

Drowning Accidents Affect Everyone

According to the World Health Organization, when it comes to drowning which is defined as respiratory impairment when a person is immersed in liquid, there are some key takeaways including:

  • Drowning is a serious public health issue affecting the globe. Approximately 7% of all deaths in the world from injuries are drowning incidents. Drowning tops the charts at number three for the most common reason that an unintentional injury death takes place. 
  • Every year, more than 320,000 people will die in a drowning accident.
  • The perils and depth of drowning incidents worldwide may be significantly underestimated. 
  • The most high-risk group for drowning accidents are males and children.

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How Serious is the Global Drowning Accident Problem?

Drowning Accidents Affect EveryoneThe WHO reported an estimate that there were 320,000 people that lost their lives from drowning accidents in 2016. There is a significant amount of loss and death that takes place every year because of drowning accidents. Drowning incidents are a regularly occurring phenomenon as well as a significant public health safety concern. Everyone is subject to drowning no matter where you live, what your nationality is, or how much money you make. However, there are some interesting trends that are seen around the world including:

  • Middle-income countries and below make up 90% of all unintentional fatal drowning incidents.
  • The Western Pacific Region and the South-East Asia Region have more than half of the reported drowning cases in the world.
  • In Africa, drowning incidents are the highest, so high in fact, that they are up to 20 times more prevalent than the rates reported out of Germany and the United Kingdom.

In the United States, drowning incidents are many and while tragic and emotional, they are also expensive. When it comes to coastal drowning incidents reported, these incidents alone cost the country $273 million every single year. When comparing this number to that of Australia who has an annual cost of just over $85 million, you can see the vast disparity. 

The global estimates of drowning deaths, though, aren’t concrete. There is massive uncertainty into what the data suggests because the information doesn’t account for drowning deaths due to suicide or homicide just as it doesn’t’ account for natural disasters or water transport situations that cause a drowning death to take place.

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